About Dr. Omar Fakhri :

Dr. Omar Fakhri is a medical scientist. He graduated from the college of Pharmacy, University of Baghdad in 1955. He continued his postgraduate studies in the university of London at Hammersmith Hospital and worked at other institutions such as Westminster Hospital the University College Hospital and Institute of Ophthalmology in London. On his return to Baghdad he was appointed director of the Medical Research center at Baghdad University . He published considerable number of papers in the International medical journals some of them are highly cited. And forerun to many scientific and medical observations and discoveries which collectively constitute a valuable intellectual asset for Dr. Omar Fakhri and the world. He became representative of the IABC (International association of Biologically closed Electrical circuit in biomedicine which was established by the late Prof. Nordenstrom, chairman of the noble committee) in the United Kingdom and actively participated in most of their meetings. He is also a member of the Institute of Ptentees and Inventors of the U.K. Dr. Omar Fakhri was invited to treat many presidents and dignitaries in the gulf states .

Discoveries and Observations :

Among his contributions with association of other scientists,Dr. Omar Fakhri discovered the role of Vitamin K in treating haemorhagic diathesis in children, which saved the lives of children threatened with this disease.

Dr. Omar Fakhri also discovered in (1972) the cooperation between antibodies and lymphocytes which led to the discovery of the Killer cells, This was reported in Nature and was forwarded by an editorial referring to the importance of that discovery

Furthermore, Dr. Omar Fakhri discovered in (1976) and explained the absence of HLA D antigens on the surface of peritoneal macrophages and carried out transfusion of such macrophages collected from patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis and used them for the first time to treat leukaemia patients with infections not responding to antibiotics. He also used peritoneal macrophages to treat a patient with aplastic anaemia.

The most important observation of Dr. Omar Fakhri - which could change the way of treatment in the future - is the affect Electroconvulsivetherapy (ECT) on a diabetic patient. He was the first to recognize the beneficial affect and reported that in the Lancet in 1966 and followed that by a larger study on diabetic depressed patients.. The results were confirmed by many other scientists.

Low Voltage Electrotherapy :

To make use of electricity in the treatment of disease he adapted low voltage electrical stimulation that can be applied without pain or discomfort to the patient and without anaesthesia and devised an electric stimulator with special criteria, for that purpose.
He used it for the first time (as reported in the specialized medical journals) in the treatment of resistant skin burns, exophthalmos, psoriasis, aplastic anaemia and rheumatoid arthritis.

Although Dr. Omar Fakhri is still engaged in developing the therapeutic applications of electrotherapy, he successfully treated, amongst others, the following diseases using his unique electrotherapy methods and inventions:

1.Pulpitis in dentistry
3.cerebral oedema

Patent and Awards :

Dr. Omar Fakhri was awarded the World intellectual property organization Gold medal for the outstanding Iraqi inventor in 1987.

He also has two patents of his electrotherapy inventions from the United states patent office, besides a number of patent applications for related invention which are under processing.

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